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Im meeting black girl tonight mmm we plan to make love, im nervous lol i want to give her a good time

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Oh How I Miss Fucking.....

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IS Good Black Head And Pussy

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Mzansi Pussy Is What I Like Not There's

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Love That Pussy When Its Hot Sticky Wet

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Sex Is A Positive

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A boss said to his secretary I want to have SEX with you I will make it very fast! I'll throw R1000 on the floor by the time you bend and pick it I'll be done! She thought for a moment then call her boyfriend and tell him the story! Her boyfriend then said to her do it but ask for R2000, pick up the money so fast he won't even have enough time to undress himself! So she agrees! half an hour goes by so the boyfriend decides to call his girlfriend, he asks what happened? She responded " The Bastard used coins I'm still picking them and he's still fucking! :v :v

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l Monday 'following initiation of Nicoletta as a slave, there was his christening in the fire in his new condition. To make sure he would respect the order to always have the pussy shaved and charged him very short skirts, Mario a septuagenarian peeper pork and slobbery to control it in the middle 'of his way to and from the university telling him that he could do it quietly because he had the' order to be checked by whoever had requested.
Out of curiosity that first day I followed travestendomi Nicoletta to see how you would behave. I saw that seemed to have respected the orders wore a very short skirt that made ​​her look like the dog that in reality ', and not the good girl who wanted to show off before approfondissimo our knowledge.
Just before arriving at' universities', when I find it 'in one of those typical narrow streets of the historic Italian centers junction' Mario, who told her that on the orders of his master he would have to check that he had complied with the orders. Mario did not disappoint me, although I had no doubt that a dirty old man and slobbering as he did: he told her well I see that my skirt and 'short as I had been ordained, now you have to get up to check if the hair removal and' perfect as he and 'was ordered. Mario from slobbering which was not made ​​but a trivial control stimulus 'is quite a pussy that the clitoris and the bitch must have bathed in the face he had even if from a distance where I could not see very well, Mario finally discover' a little hair that did not had been shaved from afar did not understand him to say, but I realized I had discovered something on his face that he had made ​​Nicoletta than a second after he let go.
at this point I returned to the office of midday, Mario phoned me 'and I he said that the bitch had substantially obeyed, but he found this little fluff and thanking me for having made ​​him a nice touch so fresh pussy because at his age 'no longer had a lot of possibilities', and indeed seems to have liked her too ...,. I answered that I was simply that I had to thank him for the shown efficiency.
I thought then ordering them to phone the bitch to come to my house in the evening and of course on how he should justify it with her ​​I would not care, she replied with a disconsolate: "Yes, Master."
Around nine o'clock the arrival slave 'to my house and I saw her face resignation of those who knew he had been caught out and that he would be punished.
I told her once that she had been very undisciplined today and that the check done by Mario was very negative: hair removal had been inadequate, and it was wet and excited without seeking prior permission to his master and that therefore I should punish her ​​with fifty batten with bamboo on the bottom.
the bitch disciplined thank me for saying thanks batten Master, although even this time the tone towards the last picketing had dimmed much.

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She says she was petrified and not in a position to react, verbally told him to stop he did not, in fact did not stop him and continued to be touched, she begged him to stop but no resistance until he was able to raise them her skirt and panties calarle facendoglielo feel at contact.
he made ​​her bend to bridge some of the chapel and immediately rubbed into her.
it was an intense relationship , my wife says her fucked seemed to never end, that machine-gunning the sfinivano, he felt inside a hard and big cock why he thought he had heard with me, that he was ashamed of what he was doing, telling him to end up not he liked and did not want to continue, but rather within himself enjoyed to die.
he came inside, she hid the orgasm for fear of appearing too conseziente.
They reassembled, she did not say anything to him and invite him to take her back to home, not even greeted upon arrival.
But the next day telephoned him to tell him that the afternoon was free and that he wanted to see him again in that house.
So began six years of fucking him with my wife.

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As a boy I attended a barber shop, which at that time were almost a kind of private clubs where he often met the wise old men of the village who dispensed lessons to us guys.
One of them, once again, parlandosi women and morality, I He delivered a speech that I thought banal and almost meaningless, but then I discovered many years later as true.
he told me: "dear boy, you even women have not understood anything: they are like us, when they see a man who likes us they think and we should as well but they are afraid of two things, sin and her husband. our women are growing already knowing that should give one, but explain that they just give it to someone who has to be the husband and if not do sin. their real problem is therefore not drop their underwear with the first man who is usually the husband or becomes, but calarsele with the second, if you break that taboo that can also be screwed by another, then you s ** tenano and you'll see that everyone likes if they do ":
Then tell me about sir considered good, not making the names, but in its golden years gave repeatedly, not caring to be married.
i thought it was the usual crap of old Maybe they wanted arias and brag with us PIVELLINA still not sapevemo sex much.
Rather than his thoughts came to mind when I discovered horned and then when my wife admitted to me that he had had several lovers over time.
in fact, she was only with me, he had not had more stories before going with me, even though we belonged to the generation that changed the costumes, however, grew up with the myth that we had to get virgin at marriage and actually is granted only when the date of when we decided to get married and we began to organize the wedding.
True it had been for the first few years until the birth of our second daughter, then the unexpected happened, and for a very random situation also found her to have to drop their underwear with the second man.
one that was part of our circle of friends, more mature than her at least ten years, forty when she was not even thirty years old, even considered handsome, indeed disliked by many in the party.
when he began to confide his past as a faithless woman, I he told how the thing began, and the first few times you never forget.
This here for a matter of working with us, he had to carry out inspections on a house with land that we had put on sale; it happened that one afternoon I remained locked away and so my wife went there alone with him to carry out this survey.
Between a joke with double meanings and some rubbed the hand into her thighs, as he shifted gears, arrived at their destination and when they entered the houses he took her from behind and pulled her to himself beginning to touch her ​​breasts and sbaciucchiarla neck.