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There I was, one week before the end of high school. Going to college in the fall. Nice car, good f****y, friends. I had it all. So, what was I doing on my hands and knees in a video booth on the wrong side of town, dressed as a cheerleader with a cock in each hand, one in my ass and one buried in my throat?

It had all started a few months ago. I was locked out of my house in the pouring rain, and I went over to our neighbor’s to see if I could hang out with him until my parents got home. He was a cool guy, single, mid 30’s, worked for a software company, and drove a nice car. Had bought me beer behind my parents back once or twice. He’d been over to our house for dinner a few times. My father kind of avoided him but my mother got along with him well.

I knocked on the door and when he saw me, he let me in immediately. I stood dripping in the hallway explaining how I hated to bother him but could I hang with him until my parents got home. He cut me off and grabbed a towel and told me to get out of my wet clothes as he hurried upstairs explaining he’d get me something dry to wear. I waited until he disappeared, and stripped quickly drying off my muscular legs. I always felt weird about my body because even as a senior in high school, I had hardly any hair at all on my skin and my pubic hair was almost non-existant.

“Get dry, and go into the living room and get yourself a drink to warm up”, he shouted from the bedroom.

“Sweet!” I thought to my self and moved into the living room, wrapping the towel around my waist. I went straight for the brandy, and poured a huge glass, gulping it down quickly. It burned and I could feel the warmth spreading through my body. Two more went down quickly and I poured one more. Sitting on the couch I grabbed the remote control and turned the TV on. As the picture came on, I heard moaning and realized I was watching a guy fucking a young girl from behind furiously. In my fuzzy state, I forgot all about Jim upstairs and watched raptly, my attention glued to the screen. The camera angle changed and I could see his cock pumping into her little body. It was HUGE. I had never seen anything like it before and as she screamed for more, I was startled to notice he was in her ass! As she shrieked and moaned, he kept slamming it deep into her, pounding away. I was stunned she could take it all in her tiny frame.

The camera angle changed again and I gasped aloud. She had a cock too!! Suddenly I felt very confused as I kept my eyes glued to the screen. From the front she was a gorgeous woman yet her cock was bigger then mine. They rolled over and he grabbed her thighs spreading them wide to display her erect cock as he continued slamming his cock up her ass. I felt my own cock start to get hard when I heard a voice behind me.

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“Quite a sight, eh?” I spun around to see Jim standing with a pair of sweats and a t-shirt in his hand.

“Umm, I didn’t mean, I..uuh…” I stammered the brandy coursing through my head.

“Don’t worry, enjoy it, let me get you something else to wear instead” Jim said, turning to go back upstairs.

Feeling like I had been let out of jail, I turned my head back to the screen n time to watch the guy pull out of her ass, grab her hair and start to cum all over her face. She moaned as his cum dripped down her cheeks onto her tits and sucked him deeply into her throat lightly gagging. She looked into the camera and smiled, cum dripping down her face and covering her full lips. My hand slid under the towel and rubbed my throbbing cock as the screen darkened.

I heard Jim come back downstairs as the next scene on the tape started, embarrassed, I got up and went to him as he held out a pile of clothes for me.

“Here you go, I think these will suit you just fine”, he said grinning. He flopped down on the couch and watched the TV as I looked through what he had given me. They were girl’s clothes! A short plaid skirt, white panties, and a white blouse and bra. The bra was padded to make it look like I had tits and there was even white stockings and a garter belt!! He also had handed me a pair of black high heels and a blonde wig.

“Uh, good one,” I said smiling nervously, “What happened to the sweats?” I asked.

“Those will do, now put them on.” He said. “I assume you’d rather not have me tell your parents you’ve been sneaking my brandy?”

Realizing I was caught, I dropped the towel and started to dress in the outfit he had given me. As I started putting everything on, I was amazed to see that my cock was still throbbing and hard. I turned my back to him as I finished, not wanting him to see my hard on. Finally I finished and turned around.

CLICK a flash blinded me as he took my picture. He took three or four more as I protested and put up my hands to cover my face.

“There, “ he said “ That should do. Now strut over here, honey, I want to see how you look.”

Teetering I walked in front of the couch. The nylons encasing my smooth thighs, brushing together did nothing to keep my cock under control as I walked to stand in front of him. I trembled as he leered at me, his eyes moving down my body.

“Excellent, now come sit on the couch with me and watch the movie” he said. I moved to the end of the couch opposite him and sat down. “No,” he said, “Next to me.”

Thinking of the pictures he had taken I slid down towards him. He put his arm around me and pulled me close to him.

“There, isn’t that better?” he said. I could feel my bl**d pounding in anticipation, hoping this would be the end of it. We watched in silence as he stroked my shoulders. Suddenly I realized his cock was sticking straight up out of his pants and his hand as slowly sliding up and down it.

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“Now, slut,” he said “Here’s how it’s going to be. I give the orders, you take them. If not I make sure the pictures I took got to everyone in this city with internet access. Understand?”

I nodded slowly, starting to imagine what might be in store for me. His hand moved to the back of my head and pulled my face down into his lap.

“Wait, no… I’ve never… hang on” I stammered.

“Shut up and suck, you little whore” he growled as his cock head pushed past my lips. I moaned in humiliation as he pushed it into my mouth, trying to keep my teeth away from it. I was not as big as what we had seen on the TV, but it must have been at least 8 inches long, and very thick. I placed my hands against his thighs, trying to push him away but he was too strong for me as his hands f***ed my head down onto his cock. I could taste it on my tongue as he held my head firmly and started to pump his thick meat in and out of my mouth. I started drooling around it and moaning as he hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag.

“Mmmm, that’s it, slut” he moaned “ I knew you’d be a good little piece of ass when I got to you.” Suddenly, he f***ed my head all the way down, and slammed his cock up into my mouth. His cock f***ed into my throat and I started to gag again fighting to get some air around the throbbing invader. I pushed at his hips, but he held me firmly.

“Mpppgghhhhh…” I moaned, desperately trying to breathe.

“Just relax, you little cunt, you’ll get used to it”. He reached down with one hand to slap my ass and my body jerked forward, seating him even more deeply in my throat. He pulled out and I gasped and coughed as he swiftly shoved it all the way back in. For what seemed like hours, he mercilessly fucked my throat, giving me just enough time to gasp for air. After a time I could take it all the way into my mouth without choking and I could feel my nose grind into his pelvic bone with every thrust.

He finally pulled out of my mouth. I slumped over to the side exhausted as he grabbed my and swung my body around so my head was hanging over the edge of the couch, and my legs were sticking straight up the back of it. He quickly knelt in front of my head and f***ed his meat back into my throat.

“Mppghhhh… “ I gulped as he pumped it back into my throat. My skirt had fallen to reveal my cock throbbing through my panties and he chuckled softly as he stroked it through the silky underwear.

“I was right about you, you little cunt, putting up a fight and loving it like this.” I felt him spread my legs wide and slide his hand up and down from my asshole to the tip of my cock and back sending sparks through my body as his cock fucked my mouth viciously. Suddenly he ripped the panties off my body. “Let’s see what we’ve got here” he laughed. I could feel my face redden as he grasped my cock in one hand and slowly stroked it as he grabbed my balls and pulled on them firmly.

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Shocks of pleasure zipped through my body as I moaned louder around my mouthful of cock and he chuckled again.

He leaned forward and grasped my nylon clad legs under his arms, exposing me completely as I squirmed underneath his weight. His cock drove deeper into my mouth as I gasped for air. My jaw was aching and I felt his tongue pushing against my asshole. He nibbled at hit, his tongue banging against my virgin hole as if he were knocking on a door, eager to be let in. His hands kept pulling on my cock and balls as a new wave of pleasure ran through my body. I shivered and tried to move my tongue against his cock. Without warning, his tongue pushed into my ass and I moaned in lust. I ad never felt like this, so humiliated so horny. All I wanted was more. His tongue fucked in and out of my ass as he pummeled my throat.

All I could think about was how good this felt as he slipped his tongue out of my ass. I moaned disappointed, wanting more as he slid a finger into me and wiggled it in and out. My ass clenched onto his finger, wanting it deeper and deeper.

Suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth again. I whimpered as his finger plunged into my ass and then pulled out a final time. He grabbed my limp body and placed me on my hands and knees facing the back of the couch.

“Spread ‘em, bitch.” He growled. I cried out in lust and humiliation as I opened my legs, my ass pointing at him, helpless. I knew what was coming and I felt like a bitch in heat as I heard him spitting on my ass. I felt his cock head at my ass and he muttered “This’ll probably hurt a little” as he started to push forward. His hand curled around in front of my face holding a small brown bottle under my nose. “Sniff it.” He said and I inhaled deeply as the pressure of his cock increased.

The lust and desperation I had felt before was nothing compared to this!!! As his cock pushed into my virgin ass, I screamed and wiggled my hips, not sure if I wanted him to pull out or give me more. It didn’t matter as he grabbed the back of my neck and f***ed my head against the back of the couch and continued to **** my ass with his engorged cock. I was whimpering incoherently as his cock slowly slid inch by inch into my tender ass.

Finally, I felt his balls slap against my thighs softly. They felt heavy and warm. I felt like his cock was going to come out of my mouth he was so deep in me.

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“At long last,” he said “Now, hang on.” He pushed the bottle back under my nose, I inhaled deeply as he started to pull his cock out of my ass. “No, please, more” I screamed in my head as he left just the head in and slammed it back into me.

I shrieked in pain and pleasure as he began to truly fuck me. My head was spinning as his cock slammed deep into my rectum and f***ed it’s way back out. I wiggled my hips and slammed my body back at him, trying to get more of it in me.

Endlessly his cock slammed into my tight ass forcing more cries and squeals of exstasy from my lips. He held my hips firmly and pounded away at me, treating me like his own personal hole. He kneaded my ass as his cock thrust deep into my bowels again and again.

“Who’s little bitch are you?’ He asked grunting as he thrust deep into my ass.

“Whaaa….” I moaned, stunned.

His cock stopped pistoning in and out of my ass. Punctuating each syllable by slapping my ass he asked “Who’s…little…bitch…are…you?”

Understanding, I moaned “Oh god, your, yours, please fuck me, fuck me hard and deep.” I whimpered forcing my hips backwards, tryig to get his cock deep into my ass again.

He backed off causing me to moan “Beg for it, whore.” He said cruelly.

“Yes anything please fuck my ass!! Fuck it anyway you want. Anytime, anywhere, just please fuck my ass!! I screamed.

He plunged it deep into me again, pounding my hole even harder, I knew I was now a slave to his cock. I could feel it stretching my ass wide open as I gripped him and tried to get it deeper and deeper. He grabbed my throat, choking me and pulled me back harder onto his cock. I moaned, loving it as he held the bottle under my nose again. I inhaled deeply and my world exploded as every nerve ending in my tiny ass seemed to envelop his pounding cock.

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With out warning he pulled out of me and twisted me around onto the floor. He positioned me upside down and pushed my legs back so my knees were on either side of my head.

“Open your ass, slut” he said and I reached up and spread my cheeks wide for him whimpering as he drove his cock back into my hungry little hole. He dropped his full weight onto me, driving his cock deeper into my ass as he pulled my balls using them for more leverage. My ass swallowed his cock milking it.

“Cum for me, cunt, I want to se you cum.” he said as I reached up to stroke my cock furiously. It was pointing at my face and it only took a few seconds before I cried out and began to shoot my load onto my face. My cum spattered across my face into my open mouth as I moaned feeling his cock swell inside of me. I had never cum so much in my life as I tasted my own load and clenched my ass around hos throbbing cock. With a shout he pulled out and just as I finished cumming , he knelt on the backs of my legs, pinning me down and f***ed his cock back into my mouth. I could taste his precum and my ass on it as he drove it into my throat. He pulled out and grunted loudly as he started to shoot onto my face.

“Eat it slut, get it all” he muttered as he shot jet after jet of sticky hot cum into my mouth. It ran down my cheeks, into my hair I swallowed what I could get moaning as he continued to use my mouth as his cum hole.

I lay there, exhausted as he took a few more pictures of me. My ass open and fucked raw, my face dripping with both his and my own cum. He chuckled and called me “Daddy’s little slut”.

Now, take a shower. Your clothes should be done in the dryer and be back next Saturday, 9PM. Tell your parents we’re watching the game, and don’t be late” he said.

I knew I’d be there at 8:30.

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The week went by slowly as I digested what Jim had done to me last Saturday. As I walked around school, I found myself looking at people differently, wondering if any of them had ever been treated the way I had. This would always bring the details of what Jim had done to my mind and my cock would immediately start to respond. I had started making sure I always had a book or a coat to hold in front of my crotch, and walked around in almost perpetual shame.

The showers after gym were the worst. I would stand there, the hot water running over my body with 20-30 guys I had seen naked for the last year or so, but now it was different. I started noticing their cocks, wondering what it would be like to suck them, feel them fucking me. Usually at this point, I would need to turn the water icy cold and endure it to calm myself down.

Even teachers were catching my eye. I caught myself staring at my coach a few times. He was probably in his late 40’s and muscular. Powerful legs and arms, rugged handsome face. At nights I would lay in bed thinking of him holding me down the way Jim had and making me his little bitch too,

Saturday morning finally came and I spent the day anxious and restless about seeing Jim again. Did I dare to show up? I mean normal guys my age didn’t do this sort of thing. What was wrong with me? At dinner, I told my parents that Jim had invited me over to watch the game and would that be all right with them. I explained that Jim had said it would be OK if I just slept there when the game was over. My father looked at my mother and Mom sweetly said how nice that was of him and of course I could go over.

Couldn’t they see? I felt the shame welling up inside me. Couldn’t they tell their son was being used as an older man’s fuck-toy? Didn’t they care? As these thoughts went through my head, the things Jim had done to me started to pop up as well. Images of his cock forcing it’s way down my throat. I imagined how I must have looked with my ass up in the air as he grabbed my hips and pumped his dick inside my ass. True to form, my cock started to rise and I knew there was no way out. I regretted not being able to get out of this situation, but my body wanted it to happen again and again.

After dinner, I goofed of in my room for a while, not wanting contact with anyone. Finally as the clock read 8:55, I knew it was time. I said good night to my folks and walked out the door over to Jim’s house.

I knocked on the door and Jim answered promptly.

“Ahh, good, you’re here,” he said, “I knew you wouldn’t be late.”

He let me in and I started towards the living room.

“No, you need to go upstairs to my room an change into the clothes I’ve laid out for you.” He grinned at me, openly leering at me. “There’s a list on the bed of the duties you will be performing tonight.”

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“Hey, Jim, c’mon, the game’s about to start.” A voice shouted from in the living room. My face reddened. We weren’t alone?

“Jim what’s going on? You didn’t say anything about anyone else being here.” I looked into his eyes; they sparkled like he had a great secret.

“You just do as your told and everything will work itself out,” he replied, leaning closer to me, he grabbed my ass and pulled me close to him, his mouth by my ear ”Understand, slut?”

I could feel my cock start to get hard as I whimpered a “yes” back to him and slowly went up the stairs.

In Jim’s room I found the clothes he had laid out for me. I got undressed and put them on. Piece by piece I dressed. A black bra and garter belt with black stockings. Black panties, covered by what looked like a maid’s outfit. Black high heels and a red wig. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror. My first thought was “Damn she’s hot!” before I realized that she was me. I certainly did look good, Jim had left some makeup and I applied it as best I could. Some color on my eyes and cheeks, and bright red lipstick. I looked again and couldn’t see me anymore. All I saw was a whore. Tears welled up in my eyes, as my cock throbbed mercilessly.

I looked for the list Jim had said I’d find. It read:

Serve drinks and food as needed. (Everything is in the kitchen.) Empty ashtrays. Be respectful, and polite. Keep in mind, whore that you are my property, and as such you WILL do whatever you’re told. Embarrass me in front of my friends (FRIENDS??? Plural? How many people were down there, I cringed) and I’ll make you sorry you did.

I went downstairs, tears squeezing from my eyes and snuck into the kitchen. Jim was waiting and he looked me over.

“Very nice” he said “You’ll get better with the makeup in time. Now turn around and bend over, I want to see that pretty ass.”

A fresh batch of shame coursed through me as I did as I was told. His hand grabbed my ass and squeezed it firmly; his finger slid inside my panties and teased my hole. I moaned softly and pushed back against his finger. He pulled away quickly and slapped my ass.

“Not yet, slut, not yet.” He laughed at me. Slapping me again he turned to go into the living room, “Get to work, bitch.” He said over his shoulder as the door swung shut behind him.

The shame combined with his rejection, was turning to anger now. Hadn’t I done everything he wanted? What the fuck was his problem. He wanted me to be a whore for him and here I was and now he didn’t even want me? I’d show him. I figured I’d spend the evening flirting with his friends and teach him a lesson. I quickly familiarized my self with the kitchen and went out into the living room.

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It had been rearranged since my last visit. The TV was new, and huge!! A couch in an L shape had been set in front of it and to the side of the TV was some kind of plant hanger. There was no plant in it, but it was big enough to support a tree!

Sitting around on the couch was Jim, and three other men. Jim introduced me as “Mary”. Ben was a short man with a jovial face and bald, maybe 50. Stan was pretty much average. Nothing special or notable about him but Charlie was HUGE. 6’5” at least maybe 250 and it looked like it was all muscle. His skin was dark black and his smile showed a row of teeth a dentist would be proud to own. Striking, handsome and intimidating, I felt an immediate liking for him.

I took their drink orders and went in the kitchen to get them. Coming back I made sure to bend a little more then needed when I set Ben’s down to give Charlie a good view of my ass. I twirled and spun showing my legs and I knew they could all see the tops of my stockings.

I tried to be nice and engage the three friends in conversation, and tried to all but ignore Jim, keeping my communication with him as short as possible. As the game ground on, I continued my ploy.

At halftime, the men got up and stretched, using the bathroom and walking around a little. I busied myself emptying ashtrays and clearing empty plates and glasses from the living room. Jim hadn’t told me to, but I assumed that I would be doing the dishes too, so after the living room was clear, I got started.

As I washed the glasses and plates, I didn’t even hear the door open, but suddenly I felt a pair of hands reaching around me to grab my nipples. I gasped and tried to turn, but I was held firmly.

“Hi Sunshine, Jimmy told me what a great fuck you are, how about giving me a little?” It was Stan. He was obviously a little d***k.

“Wait, you don’t understand…” I started but Stan’s hand had already moved down my body and was squeezing my ass through my dress. I struggled to push him away but as “average” as I had thought him to be, he was too strong for me. His hand moved from my nipples to the back of my neck, pushing me forward, bending me over the sink. I tried to break free but his grip was like iron and held me firm.

“Oh I understand Slut,” he spat out at me, “Jim told us all about what you are. A little sissy slut who craves cock.” He pulled my panties aside and I could feel his hard cock pushing against my ass.

“No please don’t…” I begged but he let go of my hips to guide his cock. His hand held my neck firmly pinned. At last he lined up his cock with my ass and began to push. He had spit on his cock, but it was nowhere near enough lubrication. Still he kept pushing. I could feel it start to slide in when at last; with an almost audible “pop” the head of his cock f***ed its way into my ass.