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She says she was petrified and not in a position to react, verbally told him to stop he did not, in fact did not stop him and continued to be touched, she begged him to stop but no resistance until he was able to raise them her skirt and panties calarle facendoglielo feel at contact.
he made ​​her bend to bridge some of the chapel and immediately rubbed into her.
it was an intense relationship , my wife says her fucked seemed to never end, that machine-gunning the sfinivano, he felt inside a hard and big cock why he thought he had heard with me, that he was ashamed of what he was doing, telling him to end up not he liked and did not want to continue, but rather within himself enjoyed to die.
he came inside, she hid the orgasm for fear of appearing too conseziente.
They reassembled, she did not say anything to him and invite him to take her back to home, not even greeted upon arrival.
But the next day telephoned him to tell him that the afternoon was free and that he wanted to see him again in that house.
So began six years of fucking him with my wife.