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He smiled ugly and nasty, and the man on duty fell into confusion and disturbance. Charlotte that was a good self-esteem exercise: with an unconventional beauty and therefore not appreciated by all, had never enjoyed. She accepted the Robert suggestions that sometimes flowed almost in the imposition. Did anything to please him, wanting his approval. Sometimes, after the bitterest quarrels, he fantasized assumption to pack up and disappear, just to scare him. But he did not, because he was afraid that he would not have perhaps not even sought.
Charlotte had just twenty-three when two years before she met Robert, who was twelve more. It was her first true love after a series of bad stories, childish and tormented. Now he had found a man who totally surrender, with much more experience than her, which more than compensated his incurable naivety. Sex for her was a trip in which he felt safe only if it was conducted by the hand, if it was protected under the shadow of a safe and solid relationship: the one with Robert and it was, or at least tried to be convinced because she could not live without him.
"Then you say? We go there, to the Plexiglas? "
And so saying, he stepped closer to her, up to brush her ​​ear with his breath, and spoke seductively, interspersing small language taps and bites the lobe, passing an open hand and hot on the abdomen and drawing her to himself. Charlotte broke up and clung to her man's neck. With movements decided he discovered the breast and began to tease her nipples with his teeth, gently. He knew she loved being kissed on her breasts, that it made ​​her now wet and ready. Charlotte opened to accommodate better that Robert was already eager to penetrate, but lingering rubbing hard sex against her crotch. That night slowly took it, sinking into her, staring at her face. She looked at the Robert eyes with increasingly bleary-eyed, the outlines of his person faded as they entered her deeper and deeper. He lifted his legs, ankles and holding them, moved his eyes to enjoy the spectacle of that flesh that welcomed her, watching her sex disappear sucked into the small cave. "Now touched as I taught you," he said, and Charlotte quickly began to titillate the clitoris with a finger, drawing small circles. "Brava my filly, always obedient ..." murmured increasing the pace, assestandole strong blows and fast while she clung with her ​​legs around his hips. When he heard her crying out loud he took out, and grabbed his penis and brought him with venendole fury on his belly. He dipped into his mood and went up along the Charlotte body up to her mouth, ordering them gently lick. She did so, and when he had the free mouth to speak, with wet lips semen he muttered under his breath:
"I love you, Robert ..."